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1.0.4 Other Resources To Aid Research

Access Scientific Articles

Access Books

Access Old Webpages / Current Newspapers

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1.0.5 Instructions For Notepad++

Collapsible Sections

1.0.6 Book Recommendations

Economics: About Capitalism

Economics: About Socialism: Ussr

Economics: In Favor Of Socdem (Social Democracy)

Economics: In Favor Of Marksoc (Market Socialism)

Economics: In Favor Of Plansoc (Planned Socialism)

Economics: Theory




1.0.7 Youtuber Recommendations

Good For New Leftists

1.0.8 Format

All Srf Evidence Is (Or Should Be) Formatted As Follows

lastname year: {"tag": short description of study}: <...> image_url {"details": additional details necessary to quickly understand study, such as sample size, methodology, limitations}


2.0.0 Axis One: Democracy, Voting, Civil Rights

2.1.0 Efficacy Of Democracy

2.1.1 Empirics Of Democracy

Over Time

Over Space

2.1.2 Effects Of Democracy

Democracy Reduces Civilian Killings And Democide

Democracy Increases Economic Growth

Democracy Is Stable

2.1.3 Opinion Polls About Democracy

Leftists Support Democracy

Direct Democracy

Support For Democracy Over Time

2.2.0 Pro-democracy Policies

2.2.1 Direct Democracy: Theory

Agenda Setting

Electronic Democracy

Economic Issues

Trustworthiness Of Politicians

2.2.2 Multiparty Democracy Good

One-Party Rule And Regulatory Capture

2.2.3 Populism Bad

Populism Reduces Democracy

Left Populism Also Reduces Democracy

Populists Rule For Longer And Are More Likely To Be Ejected Than Voted Out (This Suggests They Centralize Power)

2.2.4 Compulsory Voting Good

Increased Turnout: Direct Effects

Increased Turnout: Reductions After Abolition

Increased Turnout: Law Passage Effects

Increased Representativeness: Income, Wealth, Class

Importance Of High Turnout

Political Outcomes: Centrist Bias

Political Outcomes: Leftist Bias

Libertarian Objections: Freedom To Stay At Home

2.2.5 Money In Politics Bad (but Its Effects Are Probably Weak)

Campaign Contributions May Bias Judges Business: 2010-2012 Data (Weak: Not Significant For Most Election Types)

Campaign Contributions May Bias Judges Business: 1995-1998 Data (Weak: Doesn'T Compare To Appointed Judges)

Money [Unformatted, Unread]

Advertising [Unformatted, Unread]

Primary Spending

Participation [Unformatted, Unread]

Model Bills

2.3.0 Justice System

2.3.1 Judicial Election Vs Judicial Appointment: Mixed Evidence


Quality: Elected Judges Are More Productive, Have Rates Of Citation, And Are Equally Independent

Quality: Appointed Judges Have Better Decisions (Weak Article Imo Due To Definition Of "Correct")

Independence: Elected Judges Tend To Vote In Favor Of State Voter Preferences (Not Independent)

Independence: Appointed Judges And Partisan Judges Tend To Vote In Favor Of The State Government (Not Independent)

Diversity: Little Difference

History Of Judicial Elections

Rich Vs Poor Spending On Law

Legal Aid: Per Capita Spending: Pretty Sources

Legal Aid: Per Capita Spending: Ugly Sources

2.3.3 Private Arbitration Bad

Arbitration Vs Courts (Ancap Talking Point)

2.4.0 Court Packing

2.4.1 Constitutionality

Not Set By Constitution


2.4.2 Partisanship: History Of Escalation

Increasing Partisanship Of Appointments


2.4.3 Partisanship: Lack Of Judicial Independence

Congressional Opinion Affects Supreme Court Decisions

Popular Opinion Affects Supreme Court Decisions

Popular Opinion May Not Affect Supreme Court Decisions

Effects On Judicial Legitimacy

2.4.4 Partisanship: Ideology Of Justices Over Time

Bailey Score

Martin-Quinn Score

2.4.5 Solutions: Term Limits


2.4.6 Solutions: Credible Threat Via Constitutional Hardball



2.4.7 Solutions: Lottery: Lower Court Partisanship

Gop Forced Vacancies

Gop Filled Vacancies

Gop Dominates Lower Courts

2.4.8 Solutions: Lottery: Instability From Randomness

2.4.9 Solutions: 5-5-5: Problems

Let Congress Rule

if the court can't find 5 justices to fill the "middle", the party who has control of Congress/President may simply choose not to rule on cases that year

Two Party Lock

this formalizes two party rule, which makes it harder to move towards a diverse party system.

2.4.10 Solutions: Problems With Impeaching Justices

it's hard.

2.4.11 Polling


Court Packing

Term Limits

2.4.12 Bastiat Debate


Game Theory

minimum demand: balanced courts; maximum demand: court reform --> game theory: structure demand in such a way that escalation (accepting minimum demand but rejecting maximum demand) is less desireable than reform (accepting maximum demand)


my proposal: the ranked choice term limited or RCTL supreme court

- 20 year term limit

^ prevents any president from appointing more than 8/20=40% of the court

^ prevents justices from exceeding historical term limit

- every 2 years, ranked choice selection of 5 justices (total court size: 50)

^ ensures ~2 lib, ~2 con, ~1 moderate

Bastiat Solutions: Lottery And 5-5-5 Court

Federalist Papers

Ginsberg Quotes

3.0.0 Axis One: Criminal Justice System

3.1.0 Policing

3.1.1 Summary


Overpoliced but Underprotected: too much policing of small crimes, too little crime prevention overall

3.1.2 Todo

Scrape For Sources

Wandering Officers


Conservative Video



3.1.3 Police Funding And Defund The Police

Police Officers Over Time

Defund The Police: Lapd Meme Bad


Underpolicing: Clearance Rate & Reporting Rate

Domestic Violence

3.1.4 Alternatives To Policing

3.1.5 Police Diversity And Police Brutality

3.1.6 Violent Crime And Police Brutality / Police Killings

International Comparisons

Correlational Studies: Homicides Vs Police Killings Over Countries

Correlational Studies: Violent Crime Vs Police Killings

3.1.7 More Cops Less Crime / Overpoliced And Underprotected


Fatigue [Xxx Reread]

Officer Time Usage

Clearance Rate

3.2.0 Uncategorized

3.2.1 Rehabilitation Vs Retribution

Recidivism: Effects

Recidivism Over Time

Rehabilitation: Recidivism Decrease

Retribution: Recidivism Increase

Retribution: Ineffective

3.2.2 Juvenile Incarceration

Effects On Crime

Effects On Economics

3.2.3 Drug Legalization And Drug Decriminalization

Marijuana Legalization



Colorado Legalization In 2014 (Jan 1)

Portugal Decriminalization In 2001


Public Opinion

"Kill Drug Dealers": Northern Ireland

"Kill Drug Dealers": Philippines

3.2.4 Death Penalty

Financial Harms

Effect On Crime: Consensus

Effect On Crime: Recidivism

Innocence Rate

Psychological Harms

3.2.5 1990's Decline In Crime

3.2.6 Stranger Rape

3.2.7 Asset Forfeiture

3.2.8 Police Psychological Issues

Police Are More Likely To Abuse Their Spouses

4.0.0 Axis Two: Economics

4.1.0 Inequality And Immobility

4.1.1 Scope Of Inequality And Immobility

All: Usa

Wealth Inequality: Usa

Wealth Inequality: Global

Wealth Inequality: Stocks

Income Inequality

Income Mobility

Income Inequality Over Time

4.1.2 Causes Of Inequality And Immobility

Cyclical Poverty And Childhood Poverty

Education Inequality

Income Inequality

Unmeritocratic Pay At The Top


Wasteful Consumption / Frivolous Consumption

Rise Of Superstar Incomes (Probably Not Based On Genuine Productive Differences)

4.1.3 Piketty's R>g

"""Using a measure of portfolio returns to compute r minus g in Piketty s notation, we uncover an important finding. Even calculated from more granular asset price returns data, the same fact reported in Piketty (2014) holds true for more countries, more years, and more dramatically: namely r >> g. [....] Benhabib and Bisin (2016) show that in a wide class of models featuring stochastic returns to wealth, a higher gap between r and g increases the Pareto index of the steady-state wealth distribution, making it more unequal. [....] Our research speaks directly to the relationship between r, the rate of return on wealth, and g, the growth rate of the economy, that figures prominently in the current debate on inequality. One robust finding in this paper is that r >> g: globally, and across most countries, the weighted rate of return on capital was twice as high as the growth rate in the past 150 years."""

4.1.4 Solutions For Inequality And Immobility




Health Mobility

Labor Policy

4.1.5 Effects Of Inequality And Immobility

Weaker Economic Growth (Simple Studies)

Weaker Economic Growth (Meta-Studies)

Increased Crime

Decreased Home Ownership

Psychological Outcomes

Increased Death

4.1.6 Inheritance: Scope


Scope At Death

Scope By Income

4.1.7 Inheritance: Effects

Wealth Inequality From Inheritance


Reduced Labor-Force Participation

Wealth Inequality From Genetics


4.2.0 Public Housing Is Good

4.2.1 Housing First Vs Staircase Models

Models: Overview And Contrast

4.2.2 Housing First: Hud-vash

The United States achieved substantial success in nearly halving homelessness among veterans by attaining the same sort of political consensus and providing resources for example, greatly expanding a scattered-site supported housing program for veterans called the HUD-VASH program2 . Without Finland s social benefit programs, the United States would need to rely more heavily on an expansion of housing subsidies, particularly the Housing Choice Voucher program. HUD-U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program

4.2.3 Housing First: Finland Success


In its greater reliance on congregate as well as scattered-site housing models, the Finnish approach to Housing First differs from the evidence-based programs pioneered by Pathways to Housing in New York City (Tsemberis, Gulcur, and Nakae, 2004) and again proven successful for people with serious mental illnesses in the five-city Canadian At Home/Chez Soi experiment (Aubry et al., 2016; Stergiopoulos et al., 2015).

More homogenous societies, like Finland and the Netherlands, tend to have more generous social welfare programs compared to those in the United States (Alesina and Glaeser, 2004). The choice of spending on social welfare is essentially a political choice, not one dictated by homogeneity. We could choose differently

Finland: Trends Over Time

Finland: Models Over Time

Finland: Construction

Finland: Integration

4.2.4 Voluntary Homelessness Is Very Small

Most Homeless People Wish To Obtain Housing

Most Homeless People Are Currently Or Chronically Disabled

Many Homeless People Are Veterans

4.2.5 California: Undersupply

4.2.6 California's Housing Crisis Is Almost Entirely Due To Insufficient Building Of New Houses By The Coastal Cities: Https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/418850379518705675/571385989097062400/unknown.png

4.3.0 Redistribution: Helping The Poor Is Good

4.3.1 Private Social Spending Vs Public Spending: Scope (ancap Talking Point)

Scope: Private Social Spending

Scope: Private Charity

Public Spending In The Gilded Era [Unformatted, Reread Xxx]

4.3.2 Public Spending Reduces Poverty, Private Social Spending Does Not (ancap Talking Point)

Public Spending Reduces Poverty While Private Social Spending Doesn'T Reduce Poverty

Public Spending Reduces Inequality

Scope: Private Charity By Sector

Private Charity Is Rarely Given To Anti-Poverty Sectors (Including Indirect Anti-Poverty)

Private Charity Is Frequently Given To Religious Sectors

4.3.3 Private Charity Vs Public Spending: Economic Cycles (ancap Talking Point)

Private Charity Is Procyclical (Reduces In Recessions: Bad)

Public Spending Is Countercyclical (Increases In Recessions: Good)

4.3.4 Basic Income


Economics Benefits

Social Benefits

Health Benefits

Psychological Benefits

4.3.5 Welfare




Non-Wasteful Consumption (See Section In "Causes Of Inequality And Immobility")

4.3.6 Suburbs Bad

Increased Obesity

Suburbs Increase Expense: Halifax Data

Suburbs Decreased Depression

4.4.0 Healthcare: Public Single Operator

4.4.1 Medicare For All

Expense: Bad Evidence



4.4.2 Spending


Causes: Prices

Causes: Wastage

Causes: Administration

Fraud: Private Vs Public

4.4.3 Outcomes

Quality: Objective

Quality: Subjective


Outcomes: Mortality

Outcome: Doctor Information

Outcome: Lifespan

Outcome: Wait Times

Outcome: Cancer Survival

Alternative Explanations

4.4.4 Evidence-based Medicine

Most Medical Practice Is Based On Weak Evidence


4.5.0 Education: Public

4.5.1 Public Schools Outperform Private Schools


Private Schools Richer


Poor Students Cost More


4.5.2 Education Policies: Homework Good



4.5.3 Education Policies: Teacher Performance Pay Good

Effective: Meta-Studies

Effective: Meta-Studies: Which Types Most Effective

Effective: High-Quality Studies


4.5.4 Education Policies: Progressive Teaching Methods

Historical Models: Rome, American Colonies

Progressive Education: Literature Review

Alternative Model: Ferrer

4.5.5 Education Policies: Progressive Teaching Methods: Grading Bad

Grading And Performance

Bias In Grading

4.5.6 Education Policies: Compulsory Schooling Good

Scrape Sources From Here

Existing Law By State

Scope Of Problem

Mortality Reduction: Causal Evidence

Attendance Increase: Causal Evidence

Bad Policy: Punitive Responses Against Students For Truancy

Positive Externalities From Education

4.5.7 Education Policies: Summer Vacations Bad

Summer Vacation

Summer Learning

4.5.8 Violence And Bullying At School [unformatted, Reread]

Violence In Schools / Bullying

4.5.9 Education Outcomes: Iq

Education Improves Iq

Iq Improves Education

4.5.10 College Degrees Are Worthwhile

College Degrees Over Time

Return On Investment

Economic Trends

Low-Quality Degrees / "Basket Weaving" / "Humanities Bad" / "Liberal Arts Bad"

4.5.11 General Education Courses Have Utility

General Education Increased Critical Thinking

General Education Increased Knowledge

General Education Increased Tolerance

4.5.12 College Tuition Increases Are Caused By Decreased State Subsidies

Declines In State Subsidies Can Explain Cost Increases

Administrative Bloat Cannot Explain Cost Increases

Construction Cannot Explain Cost Increases

State Loans Cannot Explain Cost Increases [Unformatted, Reread] (Ancap Talking Point)

4.5.13 American Education System


Spending: Total

Spending: Progressive

Outcomes: Not Progressive

Spending: Non-Teacher

4.5.14 Education And Ideology

Ideology Effects On Education

Education Effects On Ideology

4.5.15 Debate Education And Philosophy Education

Debate Education

Philosophy Education

4.5.16 Academia Bias Political Bias In Academia

Education Moves Students Left, Not Teachers

Political Orientation By Field

Lack Of Bias In Grading

4.6.0 Economic Planning: Democratic Central Planning


4.6.1 Economic Planning: Empirics On Efficiency

Multi-Sector Studies: State-Owned Perform Comparably

Internet: State-Owned Perform Better

Concrete: More Competitors Increases Gross Value Added

4.6.2 Economic Planning: Empirics On Cyclical Crises


Stimulus Avoiding 2007-08 Recession

Usa: Bailout

Political Economy [Xxx Reread]

Effects: Mortality

4.6.3 Economic Planning: Theory On Computation And Efficiency

Theory: Critiques

Theory: Theoretical Computability (Economic Calculation Problem)

Theory: Practical Computability (Economic Calculation Problem)

Theory: Natural Resources

Theory: Double Marginalization

4.6.4 Economic Planning: Theory On Ltv (see Ltv Section For Critiques)

Theory: Nonhomogenous Labor

Theory: Labor Vouchers

4.6.5 Innovation Across Countries


There is no strong evidence that socdem countries have reduced innovativeness; if anything, the reverse might be true.

Social Democracy Encourages R&D

Social Democracy Can Encourage Startups

4.6.6 Innovation And Competition

Where Innovation Occurs: Disproportionately In Smaller Firms

Rates Of R&D In Different Industries

Profit Motive And Bad Innovation

4.6.7 Innovation And Privatization: Weak Evidence

Evidence From China Suggests Privatization Increases Patents

4.6.8 Innovation And Welfare: Decent Evidence

Innovation Tied To Childhood Experiences And Location

4.6.9 Innovation And Pharmaceuticals: Public Sector Efficient

United States Not More Innovative

Canadian Pharmaceuticals Spend Proportionally More On R&D

Public Sector Efficient

4.6.10 Innovation: Patents

Patents May Cause/Protect Innovation

Patents Correlate With Innovation

4.7.0 Labor Market Policies: State Intervention Often Justified

4.7.1 Cooperatives And Mutuals: Scope

Scope: Saturation

Scope: Employment

Scope: Revenue

4.7.2 Cooperatives And Mutuals: Efficiency


Scarcity ("Why Don'T More Exist?")

Strength & Survival

4.7.3 Cooperatives And Mutuals: Community Benefits


Reduction In Racism

4.7.4 Unions

Stock Value


4.7.5 Minimum Wage: Strong Evidence In Favor Of

Employment Effect: Consensus

Employment Effect: Meta-Analyses: Small Effect

Employment Effect: Neumark Meta-Study: Large

Employment Effect: Neumark Literature Review: Large

Employment Effects: Long-Term Effects Small

Monopsony: General Effects

Monopsony: Minimum Wages

Reduced Poverty

Reduced Inequality

Inflation Increases But Consumption Increases About As Much

Increased Efficiency

Reduced Suicide

4.7.6 Exploitation

Output Vs Pay

Productivity Vs Pay Over Time: Bad Argument, Flawed Methodology

Labor Share Over Time

Wage Theft


4.7.7 Shorter Work Weeks & Reduced Work Time

Empirics From The Ussr

Importance Of Leisure

Excessive Work Time Is Harmful

Much Of Work Time Is Wasted

4.7.8 Employment Protection Legislation

Epl Reduces Earnings Losses Associated With Unemployment

unemployment scarring = earnings losses due to unemployment = the difference between the earnings change among workers experiencing unemployment and the estimated earnings change they would've had if they had not experienced unemployment

Epl Has A Near-Zero Effect On Employment

Shifts In Epl Have A Near-Zero Effect On Growth

4.7.9 Automation


Solutions: Worker Retraining

4.8.0 Regulations: State Intervention Often Justified

4.8.1 Regulations


Environmental Regulations

Modern Examples Of Companies Choosing Profits Over Safety

Bad Studies

4.8.2 Clean Air Act

Overall Economic Benefits

Blood Lead: Reduction

Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, And Sulphate: Reduction

Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, And Sulphate: Economic Benefits

Mercury: Reduction

Mercury: Economic Benefits

Volatile Organic Compounds: Reductions

4.9.0 Taxation

4.9.1 General Data About Taxation

Laffer Curve Bad

Trickle Down Bad

Capital Flight / Wealth Flight Appears To Be Small In The Usa

Tax Havens Are Enormous

Us Taxes Are Progressive

4.9.2 Wealth Taxes Good


Scope Over Time: Wealth Taxes Have Been Rolled Back

Wealth Tax Evasion

Wealth Flight

Illiquid Wealth / Aggravated Millionaires: Set A Higher Bar


4.9.3 Corporate Taxes Good

Growth Rates


4.9.4 Automatic Taxes / Pre-populated Tax Forms Good

4.9.5 Opinion Polls

Income Taxes

Income Taxes: Polls Among The High-Income

Wealth Taxes

Estate Taxes

4.10.0 Austrian Economics

4.10.1 Hayekian Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Strong Evidence Against

Summary Of Abct

Structural Analysis: Young 2012

Empirics: Recession Size Should Predict Growth Size (It Doesn'T)

Empirics: Monetary Policy Should Predict Recessions (It Doesn'T)

Empirics: Relative Intermediate Prices Should Decrease (They Don'T)

Empirics: Investment Should Go Down When Consumption Goes Up (It'S The Opposite)

Empirics: Businesses Should Vary Daily Behavior With Interest Rates (They Don'T)

4.10.2 Misesian School Of Austrian Economics: Praxeology & Anti-empiricism


Austrian economists routinely assert that we should prefer "praxeology" (ie, deductive "logic" about how they think humans behave) over statistical measures of how humans actually behave (ex: behavioral economics).

Friedman Quote On Praxeology

Mises Quote: Rejecting The Idea Of Empirical Testing

Mises Quote: Rejecting Actual Empirical Testing

Murphy, Barnett, And Block 2010 Quote: Economic Theory Is Geometry!

Vedder 1997 Quote: If The Theory'S Prediction Is At Odds With The Stats, The Stats Are Wrong!

4.10.3 Randian Economics: Objectivism And First Principles

Friedman Quote About A=A

4.10.4 Rothbardian Solution To Children: The Free Baby Market!

Ethical Child Starvation

Runaway Freedom

Free Baby Market

4.11.0 Miscellaneous Economics

4.11.1 Day Trading And Individual Investors


individual investor = retail investor = a person who trades stocks

institutional investor = a firm that trades stocks

day trade = buying and selling 1 stock more than 3 times in a day

pattern day trader = PDT = an individual investor who day trades more than 5 times in a given 90 day period

high-frequency trader = HFT = HFI = an investor who buys and sells stocks more frequently than 1 trade/second, on average

Summary Of Personal Finance Self-Help

Day Trading Unprofitable

Frequent Trading Unprofitable

Irrational Trading Behavior

No Evidence Of Learning From Investors

4.11.2 Expected Utility Theory And Prospect Theory

Historical Papers

Expected Utility Maximization Bad

4.11.3 Asymmetric Information In Insurance Markets

Asymmetric Information In Insurance Markets



4.11.4 Economic Freedom Index / Index Of Economic Freedom Is A Joke

Rule Of Law

Government Size

Regulatory Efficiency

Market Openness

4.11.5 Blue States Vs Red States

Federal Money



4.11.6 Trade


Trade Imbalances

Elephant Graph

5.0.0 Axis Three: Tolerance: Racialism

summary: Racialism, "scientific racism", and "race realism" describe the position that some human population groups have large and socially relevant genetic and phenotypic divergence

5.1.0 Scientific Consensus On Racialism

5.1.1 Consensus In Genetics About Racialism: Against

Positions Of Major Institutions

Lack Of Censorship

5.1.2 Consensus In Anthropology About Racialism: Against

Surveys Of Anthropologists

Reviews Of The Literature

5.1.3 Consensus In Intelligence About Racialism: Mixed

5.2.0 Genetics And Racialism

5.2.1 Genetic Variation And Racialism

Predictions: What Should We See If Divergent Selection Drove Racial Differences?

Variation: Mostly By Distance

Variation: Mostly Shared

Variation: Most Snp Alleles Are Present In Most Populations (But Not All Are!)

Variation: Fst

5.2.2 Genetic Identification And Racialism

History Of Failure

Genetic Identification Has Low Importance

Genetic Identification Is Valid

Identification: Tang And Risch 2005 Is A Weak Study

Identification: Neanderthal Dna

5.3.0 Intelligence And Racialism

5.3.1 Evolution Of Intelligence And Racialism: Genetics

Evolution Measured Through Gwas

Evolution Measured Through Gwama: Selection Measured With Sroh

Genetic Diversity And Intelligence

5.3.2 Evolution Of Intelligence And Racialism: Cold Winter Theory


The evolutionary reasoning has also been critiqued by research that casts doubt on the validity of the Cold Winters theory (MacEachern, 2006; Pesta & Poznanski, 2014; Wicherts et al., 2010)

MacEachern, S. (2006). Africanist archaeology and ancient IQ: Racial science and cultural evolution in the twenty-first century. World Archaeology, 38(1), 72 92.

Pesta, B. J., & Poznanski, P. J. (2014). Only in America: Cold winters theory, race, IQ and well-being. Intelligence, 46, 271 274

Wicherts, J. M., Borsboom, D., & Dolan, C. V. (2010). Evolution, brain size, and the national IQ of peoples around 3000 years B.C. Personality and Individual Differences, 48, 104 106.

Anthropological Data: Climate Not Key Driver

Maps Of Temperature And Snowfall

5.3.3 Environmental Influences On Intelligence And Racialism

Environment: Religion

Environment: Abuse

Environment: Segregation (Response To "Even High-Income Black People" Have Low Scores)

Environment: Lead

5.3.4 Measures Of Racial Achievement Gap And Racialism

5.3.5 Measure: Black Scientists

Measure: Education: Naep

Measure: Education: Dropout

Measure: Twin Studies

Measure: Flynn Effect

Measure: Flynn Effect Reversal / Dysgenics

Measure: Long Term Iq Decline

Measure: Sub-Saharan Africa

5.4.0 Crime And Racialism

see also the sections on racial bias against black people in the criminal justice system

5.4.1 Background And Theory Of Crime

Theory Of Crime: Left Realism: Victims Of Crime

Most Violent Crime Is Concentrated Among Few Individuals

Intelligence Impact On Crime: High

Age Impact On Crime: High

5.4.2 Crime Caused By Testosterone And Racialism

Evidence For Higher Or Lower Testosterone Between Racial Groups Is Very Variable

5.4.3 Crime Caused By Genetics And Racialism

Genetics Impact On Crime: High

Maoa-Uvntr Warrior Gene: Overview

Maoa-Uvntr Warrior Gene: Variation By Race

Maoa-Uvntr Warrior Gene: Small Impact On Violence: Odds Ratio About 1.1 (10% More)

Maoa-Uvntr Warrior Gene: Greater Sensitivity To Childhood Maltreatment For Male Subjects

Maoa-Uvntr Warrior Gene: The Famous Typo

5.4.4 Crime Caused By Lead Environmental Pollution And Racialism

Lead Impact On Crime: High

Differences In Lead And Incarceration

5.4.5 Other Environmental Causes Of Crime And Racialism

Environment: Violence And Parenting

Environment: Religion

Environment: Poverty & Segregation

Environment: Inequality

Environment: City Structure

Environment: Many Environmental Causes

Environment: Wages

Environment: Welfare

Environment: Neighborhood

Environment: Rap Music

5.5.0 Other Major Claims By Racialists

5.5.1 Body Morphology And Racialism

Body Morphology And Athleticism

Morphology: Height

Morphology: Skull Shape

Morphology: Dick Size

5.5.2 Medicine And Racialism

Genetic Testing Superior

Cystic Fibrosis


5.5.3 Politics And Racialism

Race As Predictor Of Politics

Support For Hate Speech Laws By Race



6.0.0 Axis Three: Tolerance: Public Opinion On Race

6.1.0 Public Opinion About Perceived Bigotry

6.1.1 Racism Against Nonwhite People: Large Decline Over Time

Multiple Questions: Support Declining